There are now more than 1,000 public charging stations in B.C. BC Hydro currently operates 70 fast chargers located along B.C.'s major highways. And if you've traveled out of province, you'll probably have noticed public charging is becoming much more common right across North America.

COVID-19 update

BC Hydro’s public EV chargers continue to operate, but we’re making some temporary changes based on the evolving COVID-19 situation. 

  • Please charge at home if possible. This helps reduce the risk of spread at public stations.

  • 24/7 phone support is still available. We're currently offering support when you need it.

  • Keep physical distance from BC Hydro staff. If you see a BC Hydro team member at a station, maintain a physical distance of 10 metres if possible.

  • Bring your own wipes or gloves. We're unable to wipe down our stations across the province. Use your own wipes or gloves if you're not able to wash your hands before and after use.

  • Repairs may be delayed. Stations that require repairs may be delayed due to prioritization of other critical infrastructure, so please check PlugShare ahead of time.

  • Maintain physical distance from other EV drivers. Please follow advice from provincial health authorities and maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from other drivers at the stations.

  • Some stations may close. Our stations in national parks and some municipal stations may have their access closed due to local, provincial or national restrictions. Check PlugShare ahead of time.

Find public EV charging anywhere with PlugShare

Most public charging stations are easy to find via PlugShare, a smartphone app and website. You can quickly use PlugShare's filters (network and plug type) to zero in on the stations that work best for you and your vehicle.

PlugShare is the most comprehensive, up-to-date tool for finding charging stations wherever you are, from here in B.C. and across North America, Europe and Asia. Electric vehicle (EV) owners can add, review and edit station information – and even safely share their private charging station at home with the other drivers.

PlugShare's helpful maps include colour-coded station icons to highlight which stations are public Level 2 or fast charging, and often include valuable crowd-sourced information such as whether a station is not working, or detailed directions for on-site navigation in large parkades or parking lots.

Find out more about PlugShare

Charging an electric vehicle at a public charger in B.C.

Join a service network for more flexibility

While the majority of B.C.'s public Level 2 charging stations are free to use, many require drivers to join a service network to access the stations. Once you've registered with a network, you'll be sent a member card which you can scan at the charging station you want to use. Some networks' stations can also be accessed using a smartphone app or a credit card. And obviously, if you register with multiple networks, you get access to more charging stations.

Currently, there are six main networks in B.C.:

Finding chargers using smart phone

Get the BC Hydro EV app

Whichever network(s) you choose, it’s also worth downloading and registering with BC Hydro's own mobile app, BC Hydro EV. It covers most BC Hydro network stations across the province, and will soon cover them all, including Greenlots.

Download the BC Hydro EV app on iOS or Android.

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