This summer, Dave wanted to prove that long road trips are possible in an electric vehicle (EV), so he drove from Tofino to the Alberta border using only public charging stations. Along the way, he met different EV drivers to find out what it's like living with an EV every day.

The switch to an electric vehicle

Why did you want to get an EV?

Discover why so many people in B.C. are taking the plunge and buying an EV – and it's not all about incentives!

What's it like living with an EV every day?

See how people are using EVs for commuting, school runs, saving money and safely transporting families across B.C.

What kind of savings can an EV owner expect?

We ran the math with lots of other EV owners – find out how much each of them is saving on gas and maintenance.

Charging and range

Is it possible to take an EV on a road trip?

Of course it is! Dave just did it – and along the way, he met a lot of other EV owners who've also done it.

What's it like to charge your EV at home?

Waking up to a fully charged EV every morning is one of life's great pleasures. Find out why.

What's it like to charge your EV at public charging stations?

More and more public charging stations are popping up all over B.C. What do people think of them?

Join the EV community

Do you feel like there's an EV community?

It turns out owning an EV is quite social. See how EV owners often help each other out.

What advice would you give anybody considering buying an EV?

Yes, of course the answer is "Do it!" But take a look and see all the overwhelming reasons why.

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